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    Since 1993 Bailey’s Seafood and Grill has been serving up delicious food to the people of Lafayette, Louisiana. Owner, Ema Haq moved to Lafayette over 25 years ago with dreams of becoming an engineer and working offshore. To put himself through school Haq got a job working in a restaurant as a busboy and working his way up through the ranks to server/bartender. Haq reached his goal, graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now 23 years later, Haq has over 30 culinary awards including the Louisiana Restaurant Association “Restaurateur of the Year” award, the association’s most prestigious honor. Bailey’s Seafood and Grill combines authentic French Acadian fare with fresh ingredients and a style of cooking rarely seen in the Lafayette area. Each dish from their famous Crab Cakes to their Grilled Chilean Sea Bass have been engineered to perfection.
    Ema Haq


    Engineering Exquisite Entrees (story by DEREK BAGLEY)
    Ema Haq parlays his engineering degree into award-winning Louisiana cuisine.

    Ema Haq didn’t come to America with and intention of one day becoming an award –winning chef. A native of Bangladesh, Ema arrived on the Gulf Coast in 1983 at the age of 19 and had big dreams of working on oil rigs, so he attended the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, and received his mechanical engineering degree.

    When he got here, he was certainly not the whiz in the kitchen he is today. “I didn’t even know how to cook rice,” he says. To put himself through school, Ema found work in the food service industry, working as a busboy, dishwasher, cook, bartender, and waiter, picking up his cooking cues as he went along.

    Now, Ema is the owner of Bailey’s Seafood and Grill (which includes an offshore catering service – those oil rigs are still a part of his life) and Ema’s Restaurant, which servers more “down home” fare. He’s also one of Louisiana’s top chefs with more than 30 cooking medals, a Best in Show award from the Louisiana Gold Culinary Classic, and the 2007 Louisiana Restaurant Association “Restaurateur of the year” award, the association’s most prestigious honor, all to show his culinary prowess.

    • I love it here! I had such a pleasant first-time experience here (great service, great food in portion size, price, and taste) and would like to recommend this place to anyone!
      Diana Tran
      Diana Tran
    • The waiters hither are super duper nice and awesome and beautiful and everyone in the world should and experience the manna that dwelth hither. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone.
       Jenny Quynh Phuong Nguyen
      Jenny Quynh Phuong Nguyen


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